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GQ in 2020


GQ in 2020

DOMUS ACADEMY, Master in Business Design, , Master in Interaction Design, 2014/15

with: Francesco Sorrentino, Nima Gazestani, Lorenzo Palmeri, Anthony Marasco; for: Condè Nast

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How will GQ look in 2020? This is the question Condè Nast asked in a contest thrown to some of the best design schools in Europe. Domus Academy is one of the schools selected, participating with two of its Master’s programs: Interaction Design and Business Design.

The Master in Business Design responded by exploring communication and retail strategies to augment the off-line profile of the brand generating new revenue streams. The workshop, under the leadership of Francesco Sorrentino, took the challenge across five areas of development: style, nutrition, luxury, leisure, wellness. Two of the concepts developed in the workshop were chosen by the Editors of GQ Italia to be implemented without further delay.

The Master in Business Design developed the project "What's next? The future of publishing on a multi-platform branded experience", a design investigation that aims to give visions for the future of GQ, the world’s leading men’s periodical. A workshop focused on developing UX strategies on multi-cross channels and devices. Reinventing editorial processes, reconsidering the potentiality of slow publishing and creating personalized meaningful functions for readers and publishers.

The concept projects defined during the workshop have been further developed by a group of 10 students selected for a special "internship in campus" experience, organized in collaboration with Condé Nast.