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Special stage


Special stage

NABA, BA Design, 2015/16

with: Giovanni Tironi;

NABA BA in Design students have collaborated with Officine Buone, a no-profit association leader in Italy for the promotion of juvenile voluntary, for the project “Special Stage”. Students have designed a stage to host concerts and artistic performances in the pediatric departments of italian hospitals, following some requirements: easiness to assemble and transport it, use of resistant, sustainable and economic materials.

The stages will be used for concerts and events to be held in several hospitals all over italy, such as: Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori – Milan, Ospedale Niguarda – Milan, Ospedale Sacco – Milan, Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesù – Rome, Policlinico Umberto I – Rome, Ospedale Pugliese Ciaccio – Catanzaro, Ospedale Regina-Margherita – Turin.

  • AG Stage. Alice Giulianini. Winner Project.
    AG Stage. Alice Giulianini. Winner Project.
  • Elastic Stage. Matteo Bonucci. Winner Project.
    Elastic Stage. Matteo Bonucci. Winner Project.
  • Tatem. Ylenia Paladino.
    Tatem. Ylenia Paladino.
  • Alberto Costantini
    Alberto Costantini
  • Lara Maggi
    Lara Maggi
  • Marika Monterisi
    Marika Monterisi
  • Miriam Bottaro
    Miriam Bottaro
  • Nicola Gasparetto
    Nicola Gasparetto
  • Chiara Leonetti
    Chiara Leonetti
  • Claudia Vitti
    Claudia Vitti
  • RosaClaudia Valente
    RosaClaudia Valente
  • Elisa Castelletta
    Elisa Castelletta
  • Francesco D'Errico
    Francesco D'Errico
  • Giovanni Dipilato
    Giovanni Dipilato